Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're Famous

There's been quite a few movies filmed in Nova Scotia over the past few years, from Simon Birch and Dolores Claiborne filmed in Lunenburg, Pit Pony and New Waterford Girl filmed in, of course, New Waterford, Outlander, K-19: The Widowmaker and even portions of Titanic. The latest?


Filming was going on this past Sunday in a farmer's field in (very) nearby Blomodin. Beautiful spot that. Apparently Hilary Swank (as Amelia) was on the set but, alas, Richard Greer (as her husband) was nowhere to be found.

Then they were off to to Convocation Hall at Acadia University in Wolfville. The building filled in for an eastern United States college where Ms. Earhart made a presentation in 1928. Since all the buildings in that quad were built around that time and still have the original chairs, staging, all the woodwork and atmosphere (including a light fixture on the main floor which was a gift from the class of 1928) it should, indded, be the perfect fit.

We're famous, I tell ya. Famous.


Balancing Act said...

Your guys were famous even before any movies. I loved it up there when we took a trip when I was fifteen. We went camping for about a week. I hope to bring my kids there someday.

MMC said...

Let me know if you ever do. Seriously.

Hey, just because you're a virtual stranger ... um, er, I mean friend ... why should that matter? :D

Anonymous said...

I was at Acadia, Wolfville, when they shooted the movie and Hillary was lovely in her blue dress. She spoke with us when she was leaving the set, very kindly. Hillary Swank is really a star and I love her !