Saturday, June 7, 2008

One Armed Wallpaper Hanger Person

Yep, that's me ... busier than a one armed wallpaper hanger.

Or so it seems at the moment, anyway. Heck, you know it's getting bad when you don't even have a day to go to work next week.

The Blue Jay only goes for follow-up appointments at the IWK twice a year now. Which is a hell of a lot better than how it use to be. But what are the chances that one of those appointments would be scheduled in the same week as her every second year neuropsych testing? I tried to call and reschedule the neuropsych testing. No problem, I was told. She could have another appointment in six months. Uh huh. Maybe not.

So we're off to the big city come Sunday to spend the night at the house built by the red-headed clown. In town (hopefully without the clown) all day Monday. Back in Thursday for the second appointment. And then back again Friday for the weekend. Special Olympics, you know. Very cool that. This kid swims like a fish.

Not to be outdone, Kit Kat has her dance recital this weekend. One show Saturday and two on Sunday. Sure. I will get right on that.

But hopefully somewhere in the midst of all that, I might get a chance to post on something semi-interesting. After all, hope springs eternal.


Balancing Act said...

You do sound busy. I just took a few days off myself just to rewind and not think about work for a few days. Just as I was relaxing my blood pressure shot up due to an incident on Friday. My nerves are still a little shot. I posted about it so you can check it out.

Special Olympics sounds exciting and hope the kids do well.

Enjoy the the activities but hopefully you will get a chance to take a deep breath every now and then.

Balancing Act said...

Michelle... as far as the martini's are concerned... I stopped counting.