Friday, August 8, 2008

Personality With A Twist

Here's a personality test with a twist!

It's all visual (pick your picture) and is guaranteed to get you thinking.

Youniverse Personality TestYouniverse Personality Test

You can find my results here.
A dreamer, an escape artist, a new wave purtian [excuse me, but I beg to differ with that one ... I knew I should have went for the tea and not the beer] and thoughtful.

Et vous?

Update: You can find out all about me on this page ... if you dare! Just check out the right hand side of the page.


doorkeeper said...

Finally figured out how to follow the link, and came up a dreamer. For fun, took the Election quiz...
won't be visiting that site again! grin!

MMC said...

Yeah, a dreamer and what ...
Didn't you read the rest of it?
I will have to check out the election one ... or will I?

doorkeeper said...

That's all I got.....ok, I will brave the site again, and see what I can do.

You know, I am still waking up unsure of where I am. And still saying French phrases unexpectedly.

And I still can't get used to the sunshine...perhaps it's good that it is coming in small doses!

doorkeeper said...

I get only the pics, no labels, so I am glad you told us who you are (snark!)(grin)
I just get dreamer....

Funny, every last picture I chose is different from yours, and I didn't know which you chose when I took it!


doorkeeper said...

I could make your link (my results) work this morning--not yesterday. But can't retake the test, wondering what I'd come up with a second try.
ah, well, got stuff to accomplish

MMC said...

Actually if you just sit and look at the widget in the post, when it flips through the pictures, it is showing you my answers.

Funny, you didn't get the full results in yours. Did it show you tabs like in a book that you could click on?

neardem said...

I was surprised to find just how comfortable I was with the result of the test. Strange LOL! I have no idea how to share my results but, it did sound like me. Thanks mmc, I enjoyed doing the test.

Punkys Dilemma said...

Read your profile. Very interesting indeed. :) I like that we share a few of the same pictures too :)
Here's my results. Hope you can open it.

Thanks that was fun!

MMC said...

Alas, it didn't work, Punky. I got to your page but you were simply a blank (albeit open) book. You could always try posting the widget on your blog and I could see it that way... hint, hint ...