Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sucks To Be Him

Poor Ezra Levant!

Apparently he won the human rights case he found himself embroiled in. Which for him is akin to losing.

From over here, it’s just more of what I said before. It looks like Ezra is *disappointed* that he’s been vindicated because it gives him less to rant about … and less ammunition in his fight to scrap the entire system. The last thing in the world he and others of his ilk want is to have to admit that the human rights system can and usually does work properly.

I do agree with Ezra when he says this, though:
Both managed to hijack a secular government agency to prosecute their radical Islamic fatwa against me — the first blasphemy case in Canada in over 80 years.“
It’s just that I don’t think for one minute that our Islamic friends [term used loosely] are the only ones with an agenda in this piece of theatre. Time will tell, I suppose.

H/T to Neptunus Lex, even though we do disagree in the result


doorkeeper said...

Ezra should get a real job.....
JMRO (just my redneck opinion)
and anyone should be able to print anything they want, as long as we are not forced to read it. I don't care if he spends his money on crayons and draws dirty pictures with them...
But I don't think he ought to get gov't. $ing. Like the Mapplethorpe reference at Lex'

BTW, love the code I got for verification on this it fast.....asckkr!

doorkeeper said...

Have to ask some dumb questions (and your erudite readership will be laughing in their little sleeves)
Are you talking about the Cdn. HRC? And you claim it works most of the time? K, I know nothing about it.

I'd say ours doesn't, though. Rights are infringed all the time.
sigh. d

MMC said...

Erudite? Wait, let me go look that one up in my dictionary... :D

Yeah, I am talking about the Canadian ones (federal and provincial although it was the Alta HRC in this case). But, wait, I thought they didn't even have human rights tribunals in the US?!

doorkeeper said...

waiting patiently to be educated.
But not thinking Babs is gonna be a help with that.

MMC said...

So do they?
Have HR Commissions in the US??