Thursday, August 28, 2008

Politics and Strange Bedfellows ... '08 Style

For some reason, I can't make the video work but ...
Wow, you really need to check this out.
Yep, I do believe it's official ... they're all nuts!

Geez. you can't help but hope that this will over be over soon.
Just so we can get back to the usual garden-variety insanity.

H/T to R. Enochs, Esq.


tam said...

Yup - ridiculousness is alive and well........just continues to fulfill my belief that stupid people shouldn't be allowed to breed, cause look what happens.

I'll be glad when this whole election process is over with. But what ticks me off is the fact that we Canadians pay so much attention to it - and yes, I am also guilty of it. Do the Americans give a whit about our election process?

Oh well, it makes for entertaining tv.

Love ya!

doorkeeper said...

Wow....if CNN has it that close...
these people are so strange...
and politicians are people who can't get/keep real jobs.

says the unemployed!

PS--my state is now LEANING!!! hurrah!