Friday, March 6, 2009

I Must Have Blinked ...

It's hard to believe that my baby, yes, my baby, is now officially 13.

That's right ... the big One Three! A teenager, of all things!

I mean, I'm well aware that she's been thinking that she was a teenager for the past two years. But now it be official. Lord help us all.

Happy Birthday, Kit Kat! We love you.
* You low down, rotten half child/half woman mystical creature of mine.*

* Said with a great deal of love, of course.


tam said...

YIKES! Are you old enough to have 2 teenagers? I know I'm not - but fortunately, I only have one - little Monkey Man hits 11 soon, but thinks he's 18....sheesh.

Happy Birthday Kit Kat! Hope she has a great day.

And, I hope you're doing ok MMC.


MMC said...

Of course I'm not old enough.
Don't be so silly! ;-)

Punkys Dilemma said...

Happy Birthday Kit Kat!!!
I hope you had a great birthday with lots of hugs and kisses!!!
And really are much too young to have a 13 (yikes!) year old. :)
Love ya,

MMC said...

What about an almost 16 year old? :D

Punkys Dilemma said...

16??! Good gawd woman! You had to been a teenage mom, cuz you can't be more than 29! :)

MMC said...

Meet my new best friend, Punky D. :D