Thursday, March 12, 2009

Words of Wisdom

Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan are offering two words of advice to the expected incoming surge of 17,000 American troops.

"Bring Tanks"

And while many of those supposedly "in the know" apparently feel that the war in Afghanistan is already a lost cause, I dearly hope they are wrong. Very, very wrong.

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Kris, in New England said...

I don't think anyone in Lex's space wants us to pull out of Afghanistan and leave them to their medieval philosophies. Their fear - and mine - is that our president won't have the intestinal fortitude to do it right.

I would not have us disengage just to say we did so but if we lack the will to pursue this fully using evey club in the bag so to speak including the humanitarian and building ones you highlight we best get out now before we waste more time in a cause we are not as committed to as the troops we send into harm’s way are.

This was a follow-up comment from OldT6 on Lex's post. And I agree with him completely.

As people have said many times before - we need to bring it, and bring it hard.

Or there is no point.