Monday, March 23, 2009

Those Who Can Do ...

And those who can't have Fox TV shows.

Because, apparently, that's all they're capable of. But that's okay because they're, like, so funny.
'The Canadian military wants to take a breather to do some yoga, paint landscapes, run on the beach in gorgeous white Capri pants.'

We have police officers and they have Mounties.

Our cops ride heavily armoured cars, they ride horses.

We have bullet proof vests, they have wonderful little red jackets that can be seen a mile away. This is not a smart culture.

A barrel of laughs I tell ya, particularly, on the day that Canada repatriates it's 116th soldier from Afghanistan. Just in case their laugh a minute brains can't compute that, we're talking about Canada's 116th dead soldier. 116 lives sacrificed in support of their country's efforts following 9/11.

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised though. Not when one of the first remarks out of one of their astute commenters' mouths was this:
I didn't even know that they were in the war.
How come that one-liner doesn't surprise me?

And no, just because you decided to play nice and apologize doesn't quite cut it. Sorry, but it's frigid up here, eh? And so are we. When it comes to asshats like you.


tam said...

I had no intention of watching that, until I read this. Then I had to watch it.

They don't deserve my disdain, or the 4 minutes of my life I just wasted watching idiots speak idiotically. Is idiotically a word? Well, I guess it is if you're Canadian!

sheesh......what a bunch of morons.

MMC said...

I know. It's gotten way too much media play already, making me as guilty as the rest. But idiots or not, it really pissed me off ... perhaps you could tell? ;-)

Eileen said...

Are you really surprised? This is what happens to those who think they are untouchable, unsurpassable and indispensable. How to lose friends and alienate countries is a great heading for the video Michelle. Clever girl. I was filled with indignation when I read what you had written so, I can imagine how you, a Canadian, felt. Being able to do a job on horses as opposed to armoured cars speaks highly of the men who ride them. Lame as this comment of mine may be, I'm sure it covers the ground.