Monday, February 11, 2008

Grow Up Already ... Says She

Cassandra has up a great post on the relevance of marriage in today's society. Or, in other words, just what the heck is Generation X and Generation Y thinking?

She's a much better writer than I and it's a good read. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.

H/T to Fuzzilicious Thinking

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neardem said...

I read Cassandra's article with both interest and pleasure - she does write well and her article made such sense - of course my mind raced towards my children who, if age had anything to do with it, are all adults. None of them married, well one (male) was ... for a little over a year. The girls are the ones working and making a 'success' of their lives, the boys ... well, kind of, sort of ... you know.
Interesting article, yes. Sigh
To think I thought I'd be surrounded by grandchildren by this time - after all 5 children of my own, it should be to be expected.
Ah well ...
Thanks for proposing this good read.