Monday, February 18, 2008


Geez, that had to hurt!

Just goes to show, I suppose. I never did think it was a good idea to live too much of your life on the tube.

H/T to Take Five


tam said...

hahahahaha.......oh well, he got a free beer out of it, so all's well in the end.

Sorry, but buddy, if you're going to propose in front of thousands, you better be darn sure she's going to accept. Otherwise, you look like a bonehead.

Of course, she could have been polite enough to say yes, then walk off the court, return the ring and tell him what an idiot he is.

Casdok said...

Poor guy!

Eddie Law said...

It is not as dramatic as it turns up

Kris, in New England said...

I agree that she could have said yes, then dealt with it privately.