Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Check Six ... Jetstream Continues

I am really enjoying the Jetstream series.

Amazing flying shots, a story line that keeps moving and enough drama to keep things interesting. And always some form of teaser at the end of each episode. So far, two of the original seven are out, one by choice, one not. You have to feel bad for Floater, so close but so far away. And if I recall correctly, the irony ... he was the one that had the most experience, that had pulled more Gs more often than any other of the rookies. Damm that centrifuge! And now they say another will soon be gone ...

Seems like an awful short time for the amount they have to learn. And it's not just the rookies that cram a lot of information in; there's a fair bit of education for the viewer, too. For me, it was rather cool how a lot of what I saw and heard clicked what things I already knew. So it made a lot more sense. And for that, I say 'Thanks, Lex. For introducing me to an amazing world. And my thanks to the Discovery Channel, too, for letting me get a closer look at the Canadian side of it.

Definitely saving the best for last here.
There are some great video excerpts from the series on the right hand side of this page. Well worth watching even if you've caught every episode. They don't track exactly with the way the episodes were presented and some seem to actually have additional footage and commentary. With some great shots which look even better up close on my monitor than on the TV screen. I had missed the end of episode two, where call signs were assigned, so I got to pick that up too.

Which reminds me, Congrats to Capt. 'Blow' Jobin.

What's not to love?

Update: That second-to-last link seems to have moved. So try this one. It lets you watch some of the old episodes and 'play the game', too, apparently.

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