Monday, January 7, 2008

Pssst ...

Stay tuned.
The next visitor will be the blog's 1,000 visitor.
Not too bad for a blog that's only 2 months old, I figure.

Two months ... 132 posts. I must like to blog, I guess.

Update: Congratulations to the phantom I believe to be neoauteur. Thanks for shopping at Free Falling and please make sure you come back to check out more of our New Years specials. New stock arriving daily. Oh yeah, don't forget to pick up your gift certificate at the Customer Service counter.


unkawill said...

Good for you Michelle,

It is addictive, isn't it?
As soon as I get up and running on my new ISP, I expect to launch a blizzard of pent up posts. After the initial avalanche I expect to slow down to an occasional flurry now and then.
How many different countries have you had visitors from?

MMC said...

Oh yeah, definitely addictive.
But I thought you couldn't blog at all while you were with KBR. So what's up with that?

I can't tell you exactly how many countries now because I never kept track and my site meter will only give me the last 100 visitors. But out of the last 100 visitors, I have 20 countries. That's cool.

unkawill said...

The clause prohibiting blogging in my contract, stipulates no blogging on company owned assetts ie: computers or their network.
However, once my new ISP gets up and running...

neardem said...

Congratulations! 1000 visitors does sound like quite a lot :) and in two months! Unkawill suggests that it is addictive, I've no doubt at all that it must be and this is what scares me about starting one myself. Well done Michelle.

MMC said...

neardem, addictive but also a lot of fun. In all honesty, it gives me an outlet I don't have anywhere else. A way to be creative, which is quite something considering I have always considered myself to be a not very creative person. And between this one and the special needs blog ... yeah, I've got it covered.

What? You think I'm hooked or something?! :D