Thursday, January 24, 2008

Men Are In Boxes, Women are ... Wired?!

Forget Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.
This it explains it all so much better.

H/T to FbL at Neptunus Lex


Casdok said...

Very good!!

neardem said...

Very good and ohhhhh soooo true! We are wired, we can drive, answer questions and not miss a word of the conversation going in the back seat -all this at the same time. They request silence, they are driving -they need to concentrate, so to speak.
And of course we will know what our partners are talking about without them having to explicitly explain.
Yep we are wired.
Man is reading the paper and the wife is feeling sad and dejected and shows signs of having cried a little.
M: (momentarily putting down the paper) What is wrong?
W: (with a glimmer of hope in her hear)Nothing.
M: Ah. (returns to reading the paper)

Yep,they are boxes.