Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

So it looks like Nova Scotia has become the California of the North. Don't believe me? Check this out.

New Cellular Phone Laws That Go Into Effect July 1, 2008 [Califronia]

An Act to Amend Chapter 293of the Revised Statutes, 1989,the Motor Vehicle Act [Nova Scotia]

I don't know. Looks like a dangerous precedent to me.
But then again, I might just be biased. I absoloutely despise earpieces.

H/T to the Curbside Investigator

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Punkys Dilemma said...

Don't look at me.....I didn't start it. ;)
I really don't mind the idea of banning cell phones from minors while driving. I've observed some of these kids and they're pretty darn clueless about the world around them...I mean right in front of them!

I think those earpieces are kind of funny. Makes me think of Star Trek something like that. :)

So what about people who drink coffee while driving? Or putting mascara on. Yup, I've seen someone doing that. And it wasn't a lady. Welcome to Hollyweird.
I'm kidding....But it happens. :)