Saturday, January 5, 2008

Select A Candidate ... Any Candidate

Partly as a joke and partly out of curiousity, I took this amusing little quiz which was sent to me by unkawill of Unkawill's Ramblings.

Thinking about next year's election ... already made up your mind? still deciding? Try this fascinating website!

This is a simple, non committal, eleven question quiz for you to take regarding the presidential candidates - all of them

The subject of the quiz is the Presidential Candidates - very interesting analytical tool

This quiz Takes about 1-2 minutes. Having trouble deciding who to vote for in 2008? This quiz will compare your answers with "ALL" candidates - Republican, Democrat, Other and what they support.

From your answers the candidates will be scored and placed in an order that best reflects your thoughts on the issues.

I found this to be of interest .... It did not select the candidate I had expected! Of even more interest was which candidates were way down the list - and why.Click on the website below: I'm sure you'll want to pass this along to friends ...

I suggest you do it without disclosing who your candidate was before and after the survey! This is your own personal survey. You might be very surprised - AND NO!!! This is not a joke - it is for real and very enlightening

The amusing part?

My top two choices (they were actually tied) were a Republican (Guillani) and a Democrat (Chris Todd). My third choice was a Democrat (I am embarrassed to admit it was John Edwards ... less for his stand on the issues than the fact that he acts like such an ... asschat) but separated by only one point from my next choice which was a Republican (Mitt Romney).

Which is amusing for a couple of reasons. First of all, my first choice was equally split between a Pub and a Dem ... and to think that they consider me such a [gasp] socialist! And secondly, if my top four choices were equally split between Pubs and Dems and my top choice was a tie between the two ... you have to ask yourself, how different can their expressed positions on the issues actually be?

Anyway, go try it for yourself.

That's right, unkawill. Its your second hat tip!


doorkeeper said...

I still get Fred Thompson.

unkawill said...

Thanks Michelle,

I got Fred on the Quiz and I intend to vote for him when the time comes.
Not that it matters,Texas generally votes Republican anyway