Friday, January 18, 2008

Percolating ... Still Percolating

Anyone remember those 'old-fashioned' coffee percolators? Mom use to have one when I was a kid, although I must admit that I didn't see it come out very often.

Anyway, that's kind of the way I feel lately. Like I've been percolating When I'm not the ball in the pinball machine, of course. . Lots of idea, things I want to write about. But they're all just bubbling around inside my head.

Like Canada's role in Afghanistan and what our 'next move' is likely to be. Stir in US Defence Secretary Gates' recent perhaps not-so-well-thought-out comments as to the effectiveness of NATO forces in the south of the country. [Research question: How fast can a politician actually backpedal?] A bitter brew, indeed. Bubble, bubble ...

Or how that issue of Canada's role in Afghanistan will likely affect my vote in the next federal election. It's one of the few only issues where I actually agree with our current minority Conservative government. Oh dear, that can't be good.

How about old sayings or email classics and the way we use them to rationalize the course our lives are taking? I've been thinking a lot about a couple of them lately ...

A woman is a lot like a tea bag. You only find out how strong she is when you put her in hot water.

God never gives us more than we can bear.
Do you think they're at least partially accurate? Are there days when they help us keep what's left of our sanity?

And then there's the one I've already crafted a title for ... 'Into The Abyss". Be afraid, be very afraid. Dare I take an honest look at the latest $1 million [gag] report on the Nova Scotia health care system? In the blogosphere? Where all can see?

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble ...

But, alas, I'm afraid it might all be for naught.

All these great little conversations bumping around in my head? Merely percolating, it would seem. Apparently not quite ready to see the light of day. At the very least, they're being very coy, not quite ready to come out and face the music world.

Actually, I've noticed that my commute is a great time for blogging ideas. I wonder if anyone else finds that? I have great little conversations in my head as I'm driving down the highway in the morning, sunglasses on, radio blasting, coffee in hand. Now if only I had some sort of little electronic gadget that I could tape my thoughts into at those times. And at the end of the day, come home, plug it into the computer and have instant conversion to text. Because then it would be a lot easier to clean it up, add to it, flesh it out. But now, by the time I get home, I've pretty well had enough.

Oh well, this too shall pass .... right?
Please tell me I'm right.


Eddie Law said... write well and interesting post always.

I notice that blogger will always have a habit that want to blog about everything and anything in their life. I am addicted to it too.

so don't be surprise when you see many people are taking photos on the street as they are bloggers...

MMC said...

Thanks Eddie.
You're right, it is highly addictive. I have been telling my kids that the single biggest, most significant change I've seen in my life is the internet.

And now I wonder where blogging will take us ... something tells me that someday we will look back and see that it is has a had a huge effect on our lives.

neardem said...

percolating - what an interesting word you used, what perfect imagery! I have not yet become a blogger, confess to being afraid of doing so because I'm always worried about time. But I too have little conversations going on in my head whenever I'm alone driving in the car, or hanging in my hammock under a tree and even before falling asleep ... My life seems to fill with intentions - so many books I want to read and read, so many things I'd still love the time to do ... yep my road is paved with good intentions.Percolating thoughts ... I was cleaning out and looking through my books and papers and found a little jewel I had forgotten I had. What an interesting read --- a Pelican Book by Willam Fulbright called the Arrogance of Power.
Wonder what made me think of telling you this?

LL said...

It's funny you mentioned your commute- I wrote out long, beautiful posts in my head on my drive to and from work. The problem is, once I get to my destination I have no time to write them down and when I finally do, they're lost. If I could be chauffeured around in a car with an internet connection, my blog (and readers) would reap some huge benefits.