Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bball Anybody?

My youngest is back in basketball this year.

She had played for two years in a junior mini league with her older sister and then somehow we missed the registration last year. This year, we decided to just put her in. Her sister just has too many other activities.

They had their first game tonight. There was only one slight problem. The other team didn't show up. Apparently, no one had bothered to tell them about it. The game was on the co-ordinator's schedule, on the referee's schedule, on our team's schedule ... but not on the other team's schedule. Only in Canada, you say ...

So they had a game anyway. Split the team in half and played five on five. It worked out really well. For their very first game of the year, they got a practice game. But with a real ref enforcing the real rules. And no matter which 'side' won, I figured the team was guaranteed a win.

Kit Kat (I told her that she needed a blog name so she helped pick her own) hasn't played for a few years but she definitely has height on her side. Now all she needs is some more confidence. And to be reminded of the rules. She definitely got the latter tonight. And a good start on the former. Which was helped by getting a couple of baskets.

All in all, it was a good game. I think its going to be a good team. And even though the score was something like 34 - 22 for the other 'side', I'm calling it a win. A mom can do things like that.

And what do you do with your first win? Why go out for ice cream afterwards, of course. Even if it is the middle of November. In the Great White Up.

Brrrr.... I'm still shivering.


Anonymous said...

Glad the Kit Kat had a good game, and ice-cream even in winter just has to be about the most delicious thng ever.
Sighhh ... too bad I can't have it anymore, ice-cream I mean. I think somebody should come up with delicious sugarless ice-cream for the likes of me.
Eileen in Argentina (aka eb)wondering what the Kat's favourite flavour is.

MMC said...

They do make sugarless ice cream you know but some of the flavours are better than others. There is a Nova Scotia brand (Our Compliments) and their butterscotch ripple is awesome!

The Kit Kat says the kind she just had after supper tonight ... Hoof Prints. Its a vanilla base swirled with chocolate and caramel and has these little 'chocolate cups' filled with caramel sprinkled throughout it. Yummy....

doorkeeper said...

E, just remember, when you've made some progress toward your goal (preaching at myself here, too) you can have 1/2 cup of ice cream at a time....
Especially if, like me, you skip the potato at dinner, and the like! (G)
I don't have a cone anymore, but it's no great loss to me (except for those big, warm waffle cones--but I couldn't have that much, anyway!!)
ah, ice cream!
and congrats to the KK!

Anonymous said...

Moe:Hoof prints sounds absolutely delicious !!!
I'm going to have to find out about the sugarless icecreams ... haven't seen or heard about it here but then ... I haven't asked either. Will do. Summer is nigh and I must have icecream

Anonymous said...

d: I am doing well,behaving although I might have to go to a support group of some kind to help me keep to it!! What will I do at Christmas ??? yikes! :)

Tam said...

I can relate. My little Monkey Man went to a hockey practice last Saturday morning, only to find another team waiting to play them. Oh yeah, and Monkey Man's dad (hmm, the Big Monkey? I'll have to think of a name for him) is Monkey Man's team coach. Wasn't on his schedule anywhere. Fortunately, being the hockey family that we are, we were prepared. Even though Monkey Man's team got their bananas handed to them on a platter.

Good for Kit Kat!! By the way, she should try Udderly Divine. It is truly delicious!!

MMC said...

Might I suggest ... Ape Man
~ just joking ~

"Even though Monkey Man's team got their bananas handed to them on a platter."

LOL Great visual...