Friday, November 30, 2007

So Much To Blog ... So Little Time

The title says it all.
About how I'm feeling at the moment.

Let's see, where to begin?
I went to a movie tonight.
Lions for Lambs. Veddy, veddy interesting.
Must. Blog. That.

As pointed out by Gerri at Not A Lawyer, there seems to be a rash of incidents involving the police and taser use. A lot in Canada lately too. And a few lawsuits coming out of it, including one rather local to me.
Must. Blog. That.

Were you aware that Canadians are threatening the very survival of the very earth? It has to do with all the beer we drink, you see. And those #$@%!! refrigerators we keep it in. It could just be the end of civilization, I tell ya.
Must. Blog. That.

What about those wild Canuck kids? Hockey brawls are always good clean fun, right? But 8 years old??
Must. Blog. That.

And then there's more interesting stuff from Iraq. Again.
Umm, I mean still....
Must. Blog. That.

Which reminds me and ties back into the movie above ...
I went to the show with a friend and one of the first things she whispered to me when the movie started was something to the effect of "I didn't think that the US was still in Afghanistan". Which is a pretty telling comment by itself. Almost worthy of its own blog post.

Then again ... Nah, a person really does need to know when to quit. Besides, did I mention that they actually expect me to work too? As in for a living? Like to pay the bills? Me? Really?? I mean, I have two blogs for goodness sake...

What's wrong with these people? I dunno.
Personally, I think those are the people we should really go after.

And this is starting to look like a Blogging To Do List. Like I don't have enough of those in my life. Oh well, maybe I will just sleep on it.

Nah, I guess I better get to work. On something.


Gerri said...

This is quite a list. And I look forward to reading them all. :)

MMC said...

Thanks Gerri.
One down ... four to go?!