Friday, November 23, 2007

Last Night

On The Jay Leno Show.
They had the Armed Forces as their special audience guests.

And Howie Mandel.
Playing Deal or No Deal with them.

It was pretty funny.
And cool.

Which reminds me, by the way...
How many here know the five branches of the Armed Forces?

Apparently, according to one American lady... *

The Navy

The Marines

The Air Force

The Army

... and ....

... wait for it ...

The FBI!!

* From a Jay Walking segment

1 comment:

NeoAuteur said...

I saw the show too. May be the lady knows something we don't. If I don't know what the fifth branch of the Armed Forces is (Coast Guard), I would have picked the CIA since the agency is pretty much the undercover wing of the Armed Forces.

Thanks for your compliment with regards to my blog's new look. Other people have been complaining about the dark background too.