Friday, November 30, 2007

So You Think You're Good?

Then let's just see how good you really are.
Once and for all.

And let me know how you make out.

Spot The Fake Smile

Me ... not so good.
But I'll make you a deal ... you show me yours and I'll show you mine. Hmmm?

Oh yeah, besides your 'score', remember to tell me what your answer was to the very first question as to how optimistic your overall view of life was. And whether you you thought more fake smiles were genuine or more genuine smiles were fake.

I'm conducting my own experiment, I am...


Gerri said...

This was fun. I almost got them all right, and the last two I got wrong and I hesitated and didn't go with my gut feeling on them. So now i know to go with my gut.

On the first question I put one away from the most optimistic option.

I also put that you can tell by their eyes whether or not the smile is fake or real.

Gerri said...

Oops, I forgot to tell you I guessed 10 real smiles and 10 fake.

MMC said...

Wow, you are good.
I got 10 right and 10 wrong. And I thought that more genuine smiles were fake then the other way around.

I was wondering if people (like me) who fell more on the pessemistic side would see more genuine smiles as fake. And if people who were more optimistic were more likely to be fooled into thinking fake smiles were real.

Not enough data. Yet. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey.......I got 15 right, 5 wrong. So does that make me a smile genius? I too went with the more pessimistic side.

It's all in the eyes!!!

Anonymous said...

So, why am I anonymous??? What the heck???

It's me, Tam!!!!!!!! But for some reason your comment section wants me to create a Google/Blogger account, and darn it, I don't want to.

So, I guess I shall remain anonymous.

i'm hurt. it's hard for me to be anonymous.

MMC said...

Trust me, dear.
You never will be anonymous...

Kris, in New England said...

I got 10 right/10 wrong. I answered the first question one step away from Optimistic. And I said I could tell by the eyes.

It was interesting. So when do we get the results of your grand experiment? Enquiring minds and all that.

Reflections by Kris

MMC said...

Well, Kris, in order to tabulate the results of my grand experiment, I need to know not just how many right/how many wrong, but which way people erred. Did you think more of the fake smiles were real or did you think more of the real smiles were fake? That's what I need to know.

Oh yeah, that and more data would be nice too. But I would settle for gerri, tam and you providing that 'missing' piece of data. Standing by...