Monday, November 12, 2007

Sometimes You Make It Feel So Good...

You know that feeling of a whole lot of hard work?
With what can seem like very little pay back?

Well, that's the sense I often have when we try to make any progress legally for persons with disabilities in this province. Lots of effort. Lots of good intentions. Results? Let's just say, its an uphill battle. So when something good happens, no matter how small it may seem ... it can feel pretty good! Put a smile on your face. And a spring in your step.

What has me so pleased, you ask?
Something small. Or perhaps not so small.

Parents of children with disabilities will know how hard it can be sometimes (particularly around here!) to find out what services and programs are available. Its almost like a secret society. Hands down, the best source of information is other parents. And way too often, that's hit and miss.

So. Our provincial government has recently come out with three 'new' programs for children and adults with disabilities. Two of these programs, while certainly not all we're looking for, are big steps forward. The problem is that people don't necessarily know about them. And for those that do, no one is exactly sure what the rules for eligibility, etc. are around each program. Until now that is.

I just happened to have copies of these three policy documents. And wanted to post them on the blawg. But for professional reasons, I wanted the Department of Community Services' consent before posting the documents. Well, it took some time and a few persistent phone calls on my part but I was eventually told that the Department had decided that they would be putting the actual policy documents up on their own website. Which was rather unusual. But fine with me. As long as they actually made it there. Tonight when I went to the Department's website for an unrelated reason, guess what I found...

Sometimes, it just feels so good.


doorkeeper said...

any victory is a victory, any step ahead is a step ahead!
good to hear it, neighbor.
will try to check it out soon.

MMC said...

My oh my...
You have been busy today.
Making up for lost time? LOL

Well, I know it seems small, but for me it was pretty huge. Because I believe ... I should say that I *know* in my heart... that I had something to do with actually making it happen.

Want to hear something funny ...
I was checking out who was on the blawg today and saw that someone clicked over to look at one of those policy documents. And I was smiling again. Even if it helps just one person... Sound corny?